Audi will be the first automaker in the electrical turbocharging in a production car. They plan to launch a car with this technology by 2016. Ford and Honda delayed not want to stay.

Audi engineers will be the first to launch the sale of a production car using an electric turbocharging. After introducing this technology in the Audi RS 5 TDI Concept, they have decided to bring this technology to the new Audi Q7. At least, this is the information they collect our co-Automotive News.

“It’s a very important future technology,” said Ulrich Hackenberg-head of R & D from Audi. “We will provide the TDI diesel with electrically driven compressors. Increase performance and decrease in average 7 grams of CO2 per kilometer. ”

Ford is also very interested in this technology and has recently built a prototype of an EcoBoost 1.0-liter engine has increased its power from 125 to 156 hp. Honda is also working to incorporate this solution into their engines

By contrast, BMW argues that current technology of mechanical work as well turbos that electric novel, so in principle we will not see under the hood of their models (although three-cylinder and front-wheel drive: things of ‘progress’).

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