Ford F – for lovers of rugged vehicles with high load capacity, this letter represents the epitome of the American pick-up. The 13th generation of Ford’s successful model was therefore eagerly anticipated. BorgWarner supplies two turbochargers for the brand new 165 cubic inch (2.7 liter) EcoBoost engine in the F-150 model.

Ford has been producing its F models since 1948. The pick-up has been the best-selling vehicle in the US for more than three decades and is number 2 in the worldwide list of most produced vehicles. Fans of Ford’s F models not only appreciate the outstanding transport capacity they offer, but also the seemingly inexhaustible torque delivered by their large-displacement V6 and V8 engines. When developing the latest generation of the popular pick-up, which has been available since the end of 2014, Ford was therefore adamant that the engines must meet the high expectations of the discerning group of buyers in full.

High performance, low fuel consumption

The 165 cubic inch (2.7 liter) EcoBoost engine with 6 cylinders is a true innovation. In keeping with the downsizing trend, this new unit boasts less displacement. However it still offers the kind of impressive performance drivers expect from a V6, while also delivering significantly improved fuel consumption and emissions figures. Compared with the predecessor generation, the engineers at Ford were able to improve fuel efficiency by between 5 % and 29 %, depending on the model. The new V6 engine generates 325 bhp and maxi- Flagship: The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the US for decades. Customer project 15 Not one but two modern BorgWarner waste gate turbochargers help the Ford F-150 deliver impressive performance and consumption fi gures. mum torque of 276 lb-ft (375 Nm), which is available from 3,000 rpm. Despite weighing over 2 tons, the pick-up delivers an impressive average consumption figure of 22 mpg US (26 mpg UK) and sets new standards in this vehicle class. The new model thereby continues the success story of its predecessors: The 213 cubic inch (3.5 liter) V6 EcoBoost engine, which Ford still offers and is also equipped with BorgWarner turbocharging systems, is today considered the pioneer of downsizing in the pick-up segment.

Powerful thanks to bi-turbo

The excellent performance figures of the new EcoBoost drive are in no small part thanks to an innovative BorgWarner waste gate turbocharger with vacuum pneumatic actuator. Not one but two turbocharging systems of this type ensure optimum pressure. When defining its requirements specifications for the developers at BorgWarner, Ford listed high efficiency and spontaneous response as the top priorities. The engineers at the turbocharger specialist therefore worked intensively on achieving optimum thermodynamics of the impeller and turbine to meet Ford’s strict requirements. The results are impressive: The new 165 cubic inch (2.7 liter) EcoBoost engine impresses drivers from very low revs thanks to its excellent response and power delivery.

With the advanced turbocharger for the F-150, BorgWarner has once again successfully underlined its role as Ford’s most important technology partner in developing highly efficient EcoBoost engines. Just like many other turbochargers for Ford in North America, the turbocharging system is produced at BorgWarner’s ultramodern facility in Ramos (Mexico).

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